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This MNP Toolkit is a systematically organized collection of tools and resources relevant to Micronutrient Powder (MNP) programs focusing on planning and implementation stages. It complements the MNP implementation manual available below.

MNP Implementation Manual

Tools are job aids that assist in completing a task and resources may include "how to manuals" or other resources that are related to operationalizing or using the tools. The tools provided here are examples for MNP programs for children 6-23 months (or 6-59 months), even though many also apply for other at-risk groups.

The starting point for the Toolkit assumes that a decision has already been made to implement an MNP program.

This Toolkit is organized such that it goes through the major steps in the program planning cycle: planning, implementation, and monitoring with consideration of other key parts of an MNP program. These categories are displayed above, each providing the user with tools to guide your program, country examples and relevant resources. We encourage you to look at the Toolkit as a whole, but if you are looking for something in particular, please use the search function in the upper left.

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