Technical Guidance Series: Use of Micronutrient Powders Containing Iron in Malaria Endemic Regions

The HF-TAG has developed a new technical guidance series entitled “HF-TAG Technical Brief on the Use of Home Fortification with Micronutrient Powders Containing Iron in Malaria Endemic Regions”.

The purpose of the documents is to provide nutrition program specialists with practical guidance and tools with respect to the application of the 2016 "WHO Guideline: Use of multiple micronutrient powders for point-of-use fortification of foods consumed by infants and young children aged 6-23 months and children aged 2-12 years".

The package of documents in this series contains a technical brief, FAQs, and slide decks for interpreting the WHO World Malaria Report and the training of health workers, related to the implementation of micronutrient powders (MNP) in malaria endemic regions. Information provided in these documents is based on literature reviews, country experiences and the opinion of technical experts working in the nutrition and malaria fields.

Technical Brief - Use of MNP in Malaria Endemic Regions
Interpretation of the World Malaria Report
Technical Considerations and FAQs
Key Messages for Training Materials